The story of my own Schwimmwagen

Production year: 1943

Serial number: 7-001 036

Engine number: 7-21 617 (substituted in 1953)

Chassis number: 001010

Production date: march 27, 1943

Delivered march 29, 1943 to Heereszeugamt Kassel

Thanks to the historical archives at Volkswagen, it is possible to trace down the story of each vehicle produced at the Wolfsburg factory.

At this time I don't have any detailed information as to the wartime deployment of this specific vehicle, even though it is generally known that this model was deployed to the eastern front, especially during the first production months.

Existing documents tell us that after the war my Schwimmwagen was licensed as a civil vehicle in Germany on December 16, 1948. The last known owner using it regularly, lived in Kaufbeuren, a city in southern Germany, between Munich and Friedrichshafen. Here it was licensed from 1986 to 1989. Later, apparently the vehicle was part of a private collection and after some years it was put on sale in Belgium, where I bought it.

The extraordinary history of the Schwimmwagen is available here.


Such data as serial number, production date, special factory mounted features, delivery location are traceable. Even the original color is often documented in the precise German archives.These are the number plates of Schwimmwagen 7-001 036. They are all original (except for the engine), as shown in the available documentation which dates back to 1948, but they appear to have been removed and put back on.







+7-006 450+ (gearbox)